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I hate to admit this, but I read Internet gossip blogs just about every day. I have a folder on my Google Chrome toolbar with eleven gossip sites I visit regularly. A few of them I would loosely describe as “journalistic,” that is, although they are made up of “celebrity news,” (mostly none of our business) they’re pretty careful not to print unsubstantiated rumors. However, several of the very popular gossip blogs are really just irresponsible rags that revel in dragging celebrities through the mud–those blogs will print any story (or non-story) they think might land them on Twitter’s trending topics list.

To justify my daily wade through the filth, I tell myself I’m visiting these sites to investigate whether any of my friends, family, acquaintances or favorites in the entertainment industry are being gutted or glorified that day (who died and made me the blog police, right?) But, the reality is I’m just like every other gossip blog reader who is looking for the latest tidbit of juicy scandal that might be, but probably isn’t, true. Of course, I give myself credit for knowing I can’t believe most of what I’ve read (which I’m sure to announce right before I share it with a friend).  :/

Though I can’t say I’ve stopped visiting them altogether, lately I’ve discovered that I’m reading fewer and fewer of the more scandalous stories on these blogs, and am instead scrolling through the headlines to find something positive to read. On the rare occasion that I do come across a positive or uplifting story, I really appreciate it–it’s like I’ve discovered a rose among the thorns feces.

I don’t think I’m particularly “holier” than anyone else, so I’m not trying to put myself above it all. I’m just wondering if there are other readers out there who would appreciate not having to scroll past “NBA baller’s new wife joins his baby mama to beat up his jumpoff” to find something a tad more inspiring.

If you’re out there, this blog’s for you.

What do you think?

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