Crystle ‘Clear’ Roberson: Independent Black Filmmaker on the Rise

If you’ve seen the music video for Idris Elba’s sultry new single, “Private Garden,” you have experienced a sample of the creative eye and spirit of filmmaker Crystle “Clear” Roberson, but if you haven’t viewed any of her award-winning short films, you are in for a real visual feast. Roberson has been writing, producing and […]

‘Ebony,’ ‘Jet’ Publisher John H. Johnson Immortalized on Black Heritage Postage Stamp

In the wake of recent news that family-owned Johnson Publications has sold a minority share of the business to JPMorgan Chase & Co.,┬áthe U.S. Postal Service is announcing that it will include the publishing company’s founder, John H. Johnson, in their Black Heritage stamp series with a 2012 commemorative forever stamp. ” We are proud […]

Oprah, Kathleen and Heavy D: we got our OWN thang

So, yesterday Oprah was talking to me (like she does several times a week). I was a little preoccupied with something on my laptop, but when I finally looked up at her she looked me right in my eyes (to make sure I was really paying attention, I suppose) and she said, “Here we are, […]

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