The Sexiest Teacher Alive: Don’t Let the Clark Kent Steez Fool You

I mean no disrespect to Geoffrey Canada’s wife, but her husband is my idea of what a real man looks like. Okay, okay, before I get myself in too much trouble, let me clarify that in using the term “sexy” to describe this married  father of six, I am respectfully referring to the non-erotic definition: […]

Give Oprah a Friggin’ Break

Let’s suppose for a moment that we all agree on the following premise: The purpose of life is to Love and be of service to others Develop one’s own emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual potential to its fullest Positively influence the emotional, intellectual, creative and spiritual growth of others Leave the world a bit better […]

Exclusive Interview with Tyler Perry: Finally Reaping Write-ousness (ARCHIVE)

If success really is the sweetest revenge, anyone who ever did anything wrong to Tyler Perry better recognize that the score has officially been settled—and he has upwards of $65 million in earnings on his side of the scoreboard. Sweet revenge indeed. But perhaps what is sweetest is that Perry himself is not at all […]

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