She was 10, He was 19: I Will Call Him ‘Snake’

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect… …Well, I’m not really sure who gets protected here; maybe you can help me with that. I know someone who violated a child sexually when he was a teenager. She was 10, he was 19. For the rest of this story I will […]

According to ‘Abraham Lincoln’ Harriet Tubman Shouldn’t Be So Black

There are two things the American masses can’t seem to get enough of, revisionist history and vampires, so, hey, why not mash up the two and make a quick box office buck? Enter film maker Tim Burton (yes, thee┬áTim Burton) and his just released bright idea, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” a re-imagined version of our […]

Here’s Why I Can’t Get the ‘Face-Eating Man’ Off My Mind

Eighteen minutes. Set a timer and lie back on the couch for eighteen minutes and you will realize what an eternity that would be if someone held you down for that long while ripping your face apart with their teeth. Equally, if not more horrific, is the thought of being that individual who spent eighteen […]

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