Tyler Perry’s Extreme Makeover…Burned Home Edition

So, I realize Tyler Perry is an entertainment mega-mogul who owns his own friggin’ film studio, but it is still pretty difficult to think of him and not get a visual of the makeover he undergoes to portray grandma Madea–an extreme makeover that led to him becoming the extremely rich man he now is. Two […]

Sleepovers to Resume at Neverland Ranch…

When a dozen cars filled with police investigators pulled up at the gates of Michael Jackson’s ¬†Neverland Ranch seven years ago, it’s as if they brought along some kind of Dr. Evil-inspired device that could suck every last bit of magic out of a place. Though Michael remained there throughout his trial, once he was […]

The Sexiest Teacher Alive: Don’t Let the Clark Kent Steez Fool You

I mean no disrespect to Geoffrey Canada’s wife, but her husband is my idea of what a real man looks like. Okay, okay, before I get myself in too much trouble, let me clarify that in using the term “sexy” to describe this married ¬†father of six, I am respectfully referring to the non-erotic definition: […]

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