NY Post Writer Phil Mushnick is Happy to be Entertained by Ni – – ers, Until They Get Uppity

New York Post writer Phil Mushnick is apparently comfortable with talented “niggers” chasing a basketball around for his entertainment —and his kids can listen to their music— but when a wealthy black man has the gall to actually OWN a NBA team franchise and express an owner’s prerogative to make branding decisions, well that just sends […]

Barack Hussein Obama Named the Most Powerful Man in the World: Why Can’t He Address Needs of African Americans?

The year Barack Obama was born, an American of African descent could not board public transit without the permission of whites, or select the seat he or she preferred. In 1961, in some parts of this country, a black person could be hanged from a tree simply for looking a white person in the eye. […]

Black Graduate Forced to Share Valedictorian Honor With White Student Who Did Not Earn It

A black teenager named Kymberly Wimberly who had a baby during her junior year, yet managed to earn the highest grade-point average at her high school, is suing an Arkansas school district, contending she was discriminated against when she was not allowed to be sole valedictorian. Principal Darrell Thompson at McGehee Secondary School southeast of […]

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