Tatiana Zamir Wants to Touch You…

“Truth is a part of our foundation…even though pain may come from being vulnerable, beauty will surely follow.” –Tatiana Zamir Tatiana Zamir wants to touch you. Yes, you read that right. Not only does Tatiana Zamir want to touch you, she wants you to know that it may be one of the most moving experiences […]

She was 10, He was 19: I Will Call Him ‘Snake’

This is a true story. The names have been changed to protect… …Well, I’m not really sure who gets protected here; maybe you can help me with that. I know someone who violated a child sexually when he was a teenager. She was 10, he was 19. For the rest of this story I will […]

If You Noticed My Silence…

My last few months were spent being pounded by monster waves in this beautiful and at times ferocious sea of life. But I have, at last, found calmer waters, have surfaced for air, and am back at the keyboard. Thank you to all who sent healing prayers for my little one and hang-in-there prayers for […]

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