Take This Job and Shove It? 5 Signs You May Have the Worst Boss in the World

If you are an employee who works in an environment where your higher-ups are supportive, creative, fair-minded and open to feedback, count yourself among the lucky ones. Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed. Many employees are struggling to cope in a negative work environment where they deal with the stress of ┬ásurviving emotionally and psychologically […]

An intimate Christmas gift from L. Boogie

When rap legend Rakim was asked by MTV News who he most wanted to see on stage at Rock The Bells in San Bernardino this summer, he had a quick answer. “Lauryn Hill, man….I’m amped. Lauryn, welcome back. We need you.” It was the first time in over a decade most of those in attendance […]

Will you be alive next Christmas Eve?

None of us really knows the answer to that question because in this life a tragedy or a miracle can happen in an instant. For most the answer is yes, but for many, this Christmas will be the last spent here on earth with family and friends. I don’t mean to be morbid in this […]

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