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  1. I have read your interview with Malika Haqq and our organization is very interested in inviting her to the 2011 Business Explosion in Corona. There will be several producers,directors and actors there and we may be able to help her make some very important contacts. If you could forward her my contact information that would be much appreciated.

    Christy Lancaster
    Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce
    (888)736-0661 Ext.4

  2. Kathleen – I just happened to read your discussion about white teachers who “save the world” on Skin Deep – and you posted a letter I wrote about the movie Dangerous Minds. Thanks so much for spreading the word. i can’t tell you how many people believed the movie was 100% true.

    I love your website. I love the dancing picture. I love you!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world. They are worth reading.


    1. Hi LouAnne, I’m so glad you happened upon my blog! Thank you for your words of encouragement 🙂 I’ve stepped away from my blog for the last couple of months to handle “life,” but it is comments like yours that remind me to keep sharing 🙂

      Love and light,

  3. Hi, Season 2 of Scandal is back on the air. Will you be resuming your tweets of Scandal quotes on Twitter? Just wondering.

    1. Trying to find time, but I do plan to resume. I am so SPRUNG on this show. I wish it was a soap so i could watch every day LOL

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