Oprah Rumored to Top Short List to Host 2012 Academy Awards

It has been almost 25 years since Oprah Winfrey didn’t get an Academy Award for her critically-acclaimed portrayal of Sophia in the Spielberg-directed film, The Color Purple, and right about now the folks at the Academy have to be hoping she’s not holding that against them.

Now that the undisputed queen of talk’s 25-year-reign at that other five-letter-O-word  show has ended, she is rumored to top the short list of celebrities worthy of consideration to host the 2012 Oscar ceremony.

If Oprah is selected to do the honors, and she accepts, she’ll make another short list—that of African Americans who have served as sole host of the prestigious event. Although Richard Pryor, Diana Ross and Sammy Davis, Jr. were invited to stand at the podium with other co-hosts over the years, only Chris Rock (2004) and Whoopie Goldberg (1993, 1995, 1998 & 2001) have been awarded sole custody of the Oscar hosting mic.

Motion Picture Academy sources told The Chicago Sun-Times that if Winfrey accepted the invitation, the awards would be broadcast on ABC, and Oprah’s OWN network would be granted exclusive rights to a post-Oscars telecast.  Sounds like a win-win for all involved, especially Oprah’s huge and diverse television fan base who have to be missing t and will be more than eager to tune in.

2 thoughts on “Oprah Rumored to Top Short List to Host 2012 Academy Awards

  1. Hello Kathleen, how are you? I seen you on a old clip of the Phil Donahue show & felt you were very powerfull and very very conscience and aware of who you are. What a beautiful thing. I happen to have a Bi-Racial mother (Italian/Sicilian/Black) while my father is Italian. I have had some struggles sure, never being “enough” for either “side” basically because I only a “drop” of black blood & so Im frequently considered a “wanna-be”. My skin is very olive, my hair is VERY curly & people often ask me “what are you ?”. I identify with black cultural. I was raised this way. I was raised around in a black neighborhood fully clad with all the beauty that comes along with that. I wanted to know what it is you thought of that?
    Thank You in advance- Take Care

    1. Hi, sorry it took me so long to respond, but I took a break from the blog for awhile.

      My thought is that there is NEVER a mistake made when the CREATOR is determining which human wrapper to give a soul. You are beautiful exactly as you are and the world’s struggle with honoring ethnic differences should not be internalized. I have lived your experience, so I know it’s not easy, but I don’t mind the “what are you?” question. I don’t take it as an insult at all. When someone asks I assume they are just curious… Who on Earth isn’t a “wanna be?” All of us human beings (no matter what color) really just “wanna be” loved and accepted for who we are.

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