May 17 2008

What Does “Good” Look Like?

Let’s keep it real.

It is a mistake to assume that a person who performs acts of “anti-racial goodness” has eradicated their own internalized racism. Most of the individuals who will be highlighted at this website would tell you themselves, that is a lifelong process requiring a never-ending committment to education, self-examination and action.

Having said that, what criteria can we use to decide who should be highlighted as an example of anti-racist heroism?

I use what I call the “ADMIRE criteria”:


What ACTION did the person take?


Was there a DECISION to act, or was it coincidental or coerced?


Was the person’s MOTIVE clearly generous or was it mostly self-serving?


Was there a significant, positive IMPACT on others?


Did the person RISK privilege, property, life, family or reputation?


Did the person defend the EQUALITY of all people?