One on One with ‘Alpha’s’ Star, Malik Yoba

He’s an award-winning actor, a playwright and a published author. He composes and performs original music and is a gifted singer, lyricist and poet. He’s a sex symbol. A motivational speaker. He’s a philanthropist and a father.  It is an impressive list of titles, adjectives and accolades that describe this man, which makes it even […]

Malik Yoba’s New SyFy Show Alphas is "The Wire Meets X-Files"

UPDATE: Alphas is five episodes in, and the show is awesome. And, for those who say black folks aren’t into SciFi, check out this vote of confidence I found over at with the thread title: Please tell me y’all niggaz are watching Alphas. :-/ Rumor has it black folks don’t watch science fiction (unless […]

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