Who Run the World, Beyonce? Girls? Amber Thinks Not.

Remember that great song by Beyoncé that hit the charts last year and quickly became our favorite girl power anthem? “Who run the world? Girls? Who run this mutha? Girls…” Well, Amber recorded a YouTube video calling Mrs. Carter out on this blatant untruth, and I think everyone should definitely watch it before they vote in […]

Dove Body Wash Will Turn Brown Women White!

So, several bloggers around the web have been commenting on this Dove VisibleCare body wash advertisement, saying it appears to them to be (unintentionally) racist. *Blink* Um. I don’t think I’m gonna hop on that band wagon. It seems pretty clear to me that the before and after panels are intended to represent two pics […]

Disrespect Us? No They Won’t. (Yes. They Will.)

Okay. So. It is pretty much universally recognized that Beyoncé is THE ISH when it comes to demonstrating how it is done (“it” being how to use your talent, looks, brains and work ethic to dominate your industry). As far as the song “Run The World (Girls)” is concerned, I’m wondering if maybe we should […]

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