Help Me Understand Why Cannes Winner “Blue is the Warmest Color” is a Triumph for Lesbians

I was a late bloomer. I was a tree-climbing, pet-menagerie-loving, book-devouring tomboy my entire childhood. At 14 years old I still had not reached puberty, and I had begun to wonder if something might be physically wrong with me, since most of my girl-friends had been bona fide sanitary-pad-carrying “women” for many years. When “womanhood” […]

The intern who saved Rep. Giffords’ life is gay, Mexican and naturalized?

An insane (and insanely armed) white guy shoots Arizona’s first Jewish Congresswoman and the man who is credited with helping to save her life ┬áis an openly gay, naturalized American citizen of Mexican descent. (You’re awesome, Daniel.) This 20-year-old hero heard automatic gunfire and ran towards the shots to help the victims with no thought […]

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