NY Post Writer Phil Mushnick is Happy to be Entertained by Ni – – ers, Until They Get Uppity

New York Post writer Phil Mushnick is apparently comfortable with talented “niggers” chasing a basketball around for his entertainment —and his kids can listen to their music— but when a wealthy black man has the gall to actually OWN a NBA team franchise and express an owner’s prerogative to make branding decisions, well that just sends […]

Disrespect Us? No They Won’t. (Yes. They Will.)

Okay. So. It is pretty much universally recognized that Beyoncé is THE ISH when it comes to demonstrating how it is done (“it” being how to use your talent, looks, brains and work ethic to dominate your industry). As far as the song “Run The World (Girls)” is concerned, I’m wondering if maybe we should […]

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