Teena Marie’s Last Words Were Wishes

It is beyond tragic that Teena Marie, who at age 54 had so much more living to do, died in her sleep on Christmas night–the very same night her only child, Alia Rose, turned 19.

Alia and Teena, Summer 2010

Teena’s last words via Twitter just a few hours before she died were Christmas wishes for you and your family, a thank you to Jesus Christ for being born, a happy birthday message to her daughter, a tribute to singer Sarah Vaughan, and one wish for herself:

Your last wish on earth has been lovingly granted by your family friends and fans all over the world–You will never die, Ms. Teena. Your music, your legendary love of life and your open heart and soul will live forever.

“I’ve been called Casper, Shorty, Lil’ Bit
And some they call me Vanilla Child

But you know that don’t mean my world to me
’cause baby, names can’t cramp my style…

…That’s what I’m talking, baby
Square , Square Biz” -Teena Marie

3 thoughts on “Teena Marie’s Last Words Were Wishes

  1. I looovveee u Teena Maria..my mom looked just like u, she was a very beautiful women,just like u..thank u for your time here with us & sharing your beautiful voice..fly with Angels now.

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