Bret Lockett Should Apologize to Kim Kardashian and Admit an Impostor Duped Him

If you’ve paid any attention at all to entertainment news channels over the last few days, you have heard that football player Bret Lockett is calling Kim Kardashian a cheater and a liar. He adamantly swears he has carried on a five-month telephone sex affair with the beautiful mogul — an affair that was allegedly the result of a “hookup” via actress Lauren London, whom Lockett’s younger brother claims he has been romantically involved with (also over the phone).

I am predicting Lockett will soon be issuing an apology and admitting that he and his brother were duped.

Both Kim and Lauren have released statements saying they have never met or spoken to either of these guys and I am quite sure these young ladies are telling the truth. Here’s why:

For the past several years, there has been an impostor who has been calling celebrities on the phone pretending to be actress/model Akira Torii, a close friend of Miss London.

Akira has been approached at events by famous men she has never met who behave as though they know her well. When she explains that she does not know them, the humiliated celeb tells her about the hours long *intimate* conversations he thought he’d had with her and the sexy text messages he thought they’d exchanged.

That’s pretty damn creepy.

“This person thinks what they are doing is harmless, but they are affecting my life and my family negatively. People think I’m a flake for not showing up at events the impostor sets up. The person phones people while they’re sloppy drunk and portrays me in a way that isn’t me at all. I don’t drink alcohol, and I am in a committed relationship. There are people walking around who really believe they’ve had drunk phone sex with me. It’s disgusting.” –Akira Torii

Not long ago, the impostor got really bold and called Akira’s cellphone bragging about how excellent they were at impersonations, and claiming that they would never be caught because they had connections at the phone company and their calls would never be traced to a real number. In the midst of this brag session, the call dropped and when the person called back, the voice was a man’s voice for about three seconds, and then it suddenly switched into the high-pitched feminine voice it was previously, leading Akira to believe the impostor might actually be a man who is using a telephonic device to sound feminine.

A person’s ethnicity, age, gender, weight and other traits are easy to disguise in cyberspace, so it is entirely possible that Brett Lockett was carrying on a virtual romance with an impostor — possibly even a man pretending to be Kim. In this new age of Internet dating and virtual relationships, you really cannot be sure the person you’re communicating with is who they claim to be unless you meet them face to face.

Be cautious, people.

Akira Torii does not have “celebrity status,” but just her proximity to someone famous has made her a target, so you can imagine how thirsty these impostors must be when it comes to more high profile celebs like Kim Kardashian.

If you read the recent exclusive interview with Lauren posted here at Skin Deep on May27th (days before the Kardashian story broke), you will recall that Miss London mentioned having an impostor who was using social media and the telephone to trick the unwitting into believing they have interacted with her:

Who are these people who have nothing better to do than spend hours and hours on the Internet pretending to be me? They send messages to fans pretending they are coming from me. That’s just sad. There are fake MySpace pages. Fake Facebooks. Fake  Twitters. My verified Twitter is @MsLaurenLondon and my Facebook is brand new ( I don’t do Skype, and if I didn’t hand you my phone number face to face, you’re probably not talking to me on the phone either.

Up until now, these impostors have been operating in relative obscurity and they have been getting away with this trickery because the public has not been informed that they exist. Like cockroaches that scatter when the light comes on, the more media attention these stories get, the more likely it is the posers will have no uninformed victims left to trick, and they will disappear.

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2 thoughts on “Bret Lockett Should Apologize to Kim Kardashian and Admit an Impostor Duped Him

  1. I don’t know why these people are doing what they’re doing, or what they think they are gaining, but I personally know Akira and Lauren, and they are two very sweet young ladies who would NEVER engage in that kind of conduct. They just happen to be beautiful (inside and out) and in the entertainment industry. Someone must be very jealous of them, extremely insecure or just plain mean! Maybe they’ve never heard Michael Jackson’s song, “The Man in the Mirror.”

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