Happy Birthday Tupac

Yes, I am aware of the news that broke yesterday about Dexter Isaac confessing to shooting ‘Pac back in 1994. But, I don’t feel like writing a story about that today.

Not today.


Happy Birthday Tupac…

“And my AIM is to spread more smiles than tears

Utilize lessons learned from my childhood years
Maybe Mama had it all right
Rest your head
Straight conversation all night
Bless the dead
To the homies that I usta have
That no longer roll
Catch a brother at the crossroads
Plus nobody knows my soul
Watching time pass
Through the glass…”

-Tupac Shakur “Hold Ya Head”

…wish you were turning 40 today.

Visit www.16thofjune.com for information about the 40th Birthday Celebration tonight in Atlanta hosted by Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur. The show includes a star-studded list of guests including Mike Epps, who is co-hosting the event with Ms. Shakur…

What do you think?

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