For Us, By Us

LUCRETIA AND JAMES MOTT ARE MY HEROES!   Imagine you lived during a time when the clothes you wore were produced by slave labor. Oh… wait… that’s right… if you’re the average American, (or the average Earthling for that matter) it is highly likely that at least one of the garments you’ve worn in the past […]

“People of color…were tired of holding our hands.”

I saw the film Traces of the Trade and was impressed most by its courage and its frankness. It is definitely interesting to watch the transformation of the family members as they begin to realize exactly what the term “slave trade” means, and how the buying and selling of human beings impacted their family legacy. I found it both intriguing and inspiring to see how the DeWolf […]

Slave Traders’ Decendants Face Their Ugly Truth

THIS FILM GIVES ME HOPE!   CHECK YOUR LOCAL (PBS) LISTINGS!  I want to write something compelling that will make you want to NOT MISS THIS FILM, but every review I attempt does not do this documentary justice, so I’ll just say TUNE IN to PBS and watch this one — You’ll be glad you did. First-time filmmaker Katrina Browne makes a troubling […]

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