Cee Lo Green Changes Two Words of John Lennon Song, Gets Slammed With ‘F— You’ Tweets

When Cee Lo Green performed at NBC’s televised New Year’s Eve party, he offered his own rendition of the classic John Lennon song, “Imagine.” It would seem that the Lennon song would make a great choice for a diverse crowd celebrating together and looking forward to beginning a new year — since the lyrics are […]

The intern who saved Rep. Giffords’ life is gay, Mexican and naturalized?

An insane (and insanely armed) white guy shoots Arizona’s first Jewish Congresswoman and the man who is credited with helping to save her life  is an openly gay, naturalized American citizen of Mexican descent. (You’re awesome, Daniel.) This 20-year-old hero heard automatic gunfire and ran towards the shots to help the victims with no thought […]

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