‘Under My Skin’ Exclusive Interview w/ Lauren London (Pt.1)

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From the moment she hit the big screen starring opposite T.I. in the film ATL, Lauren London forever silenced those critics who said her early roles in music videos were anything less than saavy career moves.

If you’ve seen the way Lauren’s dimpled smile and girl-next-door demeanor can light up a screen, you know why her co-starring role with Hayden Panettiere in I Love You, Beth Cooper had fans heading back to the theater to see that more than once, why she was the actress Tyler Perry paired with Bow Wow in his film Madea’s Happy Family, why 90210 and Entourage fans are begging to see her in more episodes, and why nearly a million people are following her on Twitter just to see what she’ll be tweeting next.

When it comes to that .2mm covering all of us human beings have our own unique version of, Lauren London’s version is pretty damn pleasant to look at. But what is really going on underneath all that beauty? We’ve all read what the magazines and gossip blogs have written about her personal life and her career choices, but I recently met with Lauren London to really get under her skin.

The desire to attain “celebrity status” has driven many young people to pursue the elusive dream of stardom. Is that what made you want to be an actress?

I wish that was the case, because I’d be able to handle the attention a little better. No. I was an only child who spent a lot of time alone. Movies kept me company from a very young age, and starting from about seven years old, I wrote little plays and acted out all the parts by myself in my bedroom. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an actor. It’s crazy though, because I’m such a private person. I was never interested in becoming famous. I still struggle with that aspect of my work.

Doesn’t every celebrity say that after they become famous? “I love my craft, but I wish I could just have a normal life.”

(laughs) I’m not complaining and I’m not that famous. I do get recognized, but I’m not being hounded by paparazzi every day. I’m human, so of course I like getting special treatment at times. But deep down that girl from the neighborhood  is still in here. She  might shy away from having her picture taken, and would rather blend in with the scenery sometimes  and just observe.

Have you ever walked away from an interaction with a fan that you wished you could do over?

Yes. Sometimes I say no to pictures because I feel like I’m looking crazy and I don’t always get a chance to really explain that I’m not feeling picture-worthy that day. Usually I’ll put on shades and do it anyway, but there have been a couple of times I’ve walked away and got to my car, then came back because I felt bad.

What about being famous has taken you by surprise? What did you not see coming?

The impostors. Really. Who are these people who have nothing better to do than spend hours and hours on the Internet pretending to be me? They send messages to fans pretending they are coming from me. That’s just sad. There are fake MySpace pages. Fake Facebooks. Fake  Twitters. My verified Twitter is @MsLaurenLondon and my Facebook is brand new (Facebook.com/TheRealMsLaurenLondon). I don’t do Skype, and if I didn’t hand you my phone number face to face, you’re probably not talking to me on the phone either.

Do you think the public really believes these calls and messages are coming from you?

Definitely. Some really do. People have really been tricked.

What is the biggest misperception people have of you? What misperception bothers you most?

That my son is the result of some kind of one night stand or groupie encounter with his father. I struggle with deciding when to answer or ignore the constant speculation about my private life, because I feel like that doesn’t belong to anybody but me.

Do you want to go on to the next question, or clear up the speculation now?

I met Dwayne when I was 15 years old. I’ve known him a very long time, and we were in a relationship that didn’t make it. We tried more than once to revive it, and we were engaged briefly years ago, but we eventually parted ways. People see the “Lil’ Wayne” persona and think they know who he really is. My son’s father is an intelligent, loving and lovable person who will always be a dear friend. That is all.

If you don’t mind another personal question, there is a lot of talk about how well the mothers of his children get along. What’s the real deal?

We are all good-hearted women who love our children and we want them to know each other. Real friendships have grown from that foundation and the result has been more love, less drama and less trauma for our kids.

What is one thing your mother did with you that you want to be sure to do with your son?

To this day, my mother never lets a day go by without telling me she loves me.

KC: What is one quality about your mother that you really admire?

She’s so optimistic. Nothing can get her down. The whole world can come crashing down and she will still have the ability to laugh and have compassion for people.

What’s the best advice your father ever gave you?

He just recently said to me that people love you with what they have to give. Whatever they give to you is what they have to give to themselves, and the way they love you is the way they love themselves.

What three qualities do you hope your son will have at age 18 that will make you feel you’ve done a great job raising him?

I hope he has a strong relationship with God, that he respects himself and loves who he is, and that he has an idea of his purpose and wants to follow it.

Stay tuned for part two (the playful questions) of this interview…coming soon.


  1. Sharronte

    Lauren you are just too damn beautiful.

  2. cantUBquiet

    Not the best situation to have so many babies at one time with different moms but it looks like you all are handlin it right some people can learn from it.

  3. Nicki6degrees

    My brother used to swear he was friends with you Lauren. He said you gave him your number over myspace. I tried to tell him. Dumb. I loved this interview and I never though you was a groupie. I can’t wait for part two.

  4. Krystin Jai

    This is probably my favorite Lauren London interview. She’s never really talked about her relationship with Wayne and I’m glad she did with this interview. Now when people have negative things to say about her or her son I can just link them to this interview so they’ll hush! I love Lauren, she’s such a beautiful woman…inside and out. She has such an amazing spirit. <3 <3 <3

    • Tonya R

      I agree w/ everything that you posted:) This is a great interview and has changed my thoughts about Ms London. I hope she reads these comments and realizes that this interview has really inspired someone…I don’t talk much about my situation either but I can relate to the things she said and maybe one day I will have the courage to speak up.

  5. Kamal

    Great interview i am a fan of Lauren But there are some things that i still do not understand. If you had been in a off again on again situation with the child s father since you were 15 (which clearly shows she was a fast little women) why would you be with a man that has been linked to many different women throughout his whole career? If i recall Wayne was once too engaged to Nivea once upon a time and Married to his first born’s mother Toya. So basically hes whispering the same game to each and every woman hes been with which clearly shows these women state of mind. Wayne being intelligent, loving and lovable is what got these gullible women in this situation which is disgusting and shows He has Zero respect for them. It seems to me that she new exactly what was going on and still made the decision to stay with him anyway’s. Saying they tried to “revive” their relationship but then still get engaged and accept the engagement to him briefly says what about her? Also how rude of her to say that she “walks away” from her fans because she is not “picture-worthy”, the people that made her and keeps her career a float, purchasing movie tickets to see her and keep her name alive wanting more and more, i understand some days she might not want to be bothered but hey it comes with that FAT PAYCHECK she receives. I don’t see her tripping with a magazine cover or even a interview with her pictures taken, shoot she even did a big campaign with the picture queen herself Cassie for Sean john. I’m not saying she has to chop it up and have a one on one conversation but if i want a picture i feel like i am Owed at least that as a fan of Ms. London. I hope for the best for her and career which needs a positive change up, these same roles she keeps playing is getting played out. I believe she can be a dominate actress but she is not allowing herself to do so. Stop just taking anything that is coming your way, Tyler Perrys movie to me was a set back instead of a career change for her. Her talent is way to big for what she limits herself to and as of now i cannot separate her from all the other video girls turned actresses just her 15minutes lasted longer that i wish she would turn into a lifetime. God bless her and her family and hope to see more of her beautiful face around.

    • Lily

      Kamal…when did she say she was in a relationship with him at 15? She said she knew him since then…that’s the prob with people…stop adding a million words unto what she said and take it for what it is…she will never give the world her whole live story just because people are fans…she’s giving you a taste of it…you don’t know how that relationship started…what she went through or how it ended and really…it’s none of your business. You call yourself a fan and didn’t have one positive thing to say…go figure!

      • Kamal

        I said plenty positive Lily, Im just challenging what she says that is all. And sorry but when you become a public figure your private life goes out the window. I dont care to know what they went through and i hope its clear why they ended lol. Ms. London says one thing and she does another point blank. Never said anything bad but my opinion on a fans point of view. I just want these women to stop giving credit to this man that did them WRONG. I wouldnt be surprise if yourself lily has a baby by a man that has 2 other baby mothers. Do you know how babies are produced? There are 3 babies not far apart in ages by 3 different women in 3 different states. There is No other way around it, Stop making this man look like he is man of the year. And come on now i hope your not that gullable as well to know that men spit good game

    • Mindy

      I agree with you on your comment regarding Lauren being with a guy that was also engaged and married and the fact that Lauren and Nivea were both pregnant around the same time. Lil Wayne is just nasty and no I do not know him personally nor do I care to know him, but he has babies everywhere and had sex with these women without protection.

      Also as far as her being in Tyler’s lastest movie, it is hard for black females to get roles in major movies, so I’m sure Lauren is taking what she can get, she needs the money.

      I still do not see how they even hold a conversation yet sleep with Lil Wayne, he looks like a disease.

    • Ubettahpray4U

      Funny how people assume they know sh*& they don’t. She said she met him at 15. She didn’t say she f’d him. Maybe that’s what YOU would have done if you met him when you were young. As far as Lil Wayne disrespecting them. You don’t know how he is behind closed doors either. Just about every girl in the world has been in love and had to figiure our how to break it off when she still loves the person. He might be really sweet and loving. ALL of the women he been with said that about him. Women stay with men for a lot of stupid reasons so we eventually grow up and thats what she seems to be trying to do now. People would have been satisfied if she killed her baby after she got pregnant and you wouldn’t have nothing to say about her now and there would be one less baby for you all to talk slick about. But she didn’t and I respect her for it. I wish her the best and I hope her star shines brighter and brighter. Tyler Perry movies not a setback. People said that about the music videos she did at first and she turned it into something positive. I agree with your last statement. God bless her and her little boy!

      • Kamal

        I would comment more about this but reading this clearly shows where your state of mind is.

    • Dawn May Adams

      Why is it necessary to understand someone else’s personal life? Life is what it is, and everyone has the right to live it and make their own choices without the rest of us thinking they should have done it differently. Have any of us never made mistakes or done something we wished we hadn’t? I personally don’t know anyone who can say,”I’m perfect…I’ve never done anything I shouldn’t have.” Show me a perfect person, and I’ll show you a dead person. I know Lauren, and she is one of the sweetest young women I think I’ve ever met. I never have heard her talk bad about anyone, which in this day of the “gossip magazines” and how everyone seems to hover over them, says a lot about who she is. I love her. She is a very real and down to earth person. Perhaps those who have to find fault are a bit jealous, or insecure in their own lives. Just sayin’!

  6. Dawn May Adams

    Lauren is not only beautiful on the outside, she is amazingly beautiful on the inside as well. That’s where it really counts.

  7. Whitley

    I officially LOVE Lauren London….life happens to all of it, we live and we learn Chick is bad….beautiful, full of faith, and worried only about what’s best for her and her family…can’t wait to see her at the top! I wasn’t really a “fan” before, but after this interview, I definitely am.

  8. pgrip

    i have always thought this young lady was special. and it sucks that she has to respond to the madness of her relationships, but that’s what it is when you’re public. great way to handle it, ladies – i can’t see that situation (with celebs involved, no less) being easy to deal with…

    keep rising, lauren!

  9. Jizzy

    I have NO respect for this black female. She exemplifies everything that is wrong with black women out here. She could have had ANY dude out here she wanted, and she picked a thug that already had several kids by several women. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU BLACK WOMEN??

    • Noeme

      Really? Your name is Jizzy.So what IS WRONG WITH YOU? Change your disgusting nickname and come back and try again. First of all your respect is not going add or subtract anything from Lauren’s life either way, and second Lil Wayne didn’t have all of those kids when she got pregnant. Nivea got pregnant a few months after she did and I’m sure they were both surprised to find they had been played. If LL woulda killed her baby you would be putting her up on a pedastal by now. If you were paying attention…the girl said she met him at 15. He picked HER and she fell for his game and now she’s trying to grow up and do better.There are plenty of white women who get involved in scandalous situations (then leak there porn tape after) To make it about race makes you stupid.

  10. Candice

    I love Lauren London. I think she is so pretty.

  11. LivingIt

    I agree with Kamal. Of course she had sex with him when she was a teenager or she wouldn’t have mentioned it.
    I really want Lauren to make it, but it seems she is the only person in her own way. I hope she sees that and gets on the path that would take her to a higher place. I did enjoy this interview though. Lauren really seems like a nice and laid back person. I hope she really goes places. Before her pregnancy, I really thought she was a women who was in music videoes who did hot let the term “video girl” define her. She was great in “ATL” and she was getting mad roles left and right. That is hard for a black female actor. But I must say I was disappointed in her pregnancy. Having a child is beautiful, but it seemed to me at the time that she was destroying her career. It still seems like her child with Lil Wayne is what defines her and this is a harsh business.It would have been different if she was more established before she had a child, but she wasn’t that well known and Wayne is.
    And what made it worse was the fact that Wayne seems to claim a lot of women that he’s been with in public, but he rarely speaks of Lauren.And the timeline of said engagement seems murky because he was with Toya, Trina and Nivea, where did Lauren fit in? It makes it seem like she is weak. And the fact that another women, Nivea, was pregnant around the same time.

    Anyway, it’s not my business. I just wish Lauren and her child peace and blessings. I really hope she gets her career on track, lays off the Madea films and gets offered roles with more substance. She has “it” and a lot of people don’t. Hope she doesn’t waste it.

    • Kamal

      I agree.. I was never trying to put off as negative just my opinion. She went backwards instead of forwards, If she had all these standards its well apparent she didn’t believe sex before marriage or we wouldn’t be having this convo of her and all this baby momma drama. I heard her speak highly of god in other interviews so i figured she had better morals then that. This pregnancy by wayne threw me completely off. I was just hoping she was trying to establish a career from Video girl to academy award winning actress. But who knows only time will tell, i hope the best for her and wish her well

    • coloredgirl

      Wow! what a great interview. I cant’ understand why everyone is so committed to judging another person. Relationships happen and its really no ones concern, she is cute as a button and right on for her. I personally hope to see her in more films. God Bless !

  12. m

    i loved the quote her father mentioned to her. #deep

    i love the way this interview came out, real natural questions. much respect

  13. Roxy

    I love Ms. London but hell, she really shouldve rapped it up (aka practiced safe sex) smh

  14. Dawn May Adams

    To all of you who have had not much to say about Lauren except negativity: Where can one go to see your “haloes”. You must be perfect, or perhaps “saints.’ Are you sure there isn’t just a tad of jealousy causing these negative outbursts? Not to mention, very judgmental. A wise Holy Man once said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Another very wise Holy Man tells us that, If a man has ten bad habits and one good one–focus on the good. He also said, “Love thy neighbor better than thyself.” What a wonderful world we could have if we all lived by those principles.

  15. Dawn May Adams

    Hey! That goes for me too. I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes. Whether I have been forgiven depends on my relationship with my “Higher Power.” !

  16. coloredgirl

    Wow! what a great interview. I cant’ understand why everyone is so committed to judging another person. Relationships happen and its really no ones concern, she is cute as a button and right on for her. I personally hope to see her in more films. God Bless !

  17. Amayalion

    I can truly say this was a good interview. However I think it’s about time people quit asking about the situation between her and Lil Wayne.

    No matter how u sum it up, or try to justify it, the position were she got herself into still does NOT look good. The best thing to do is just be quiet for the sake of her private life and her child. Nobody needs to know what happen between her and Wayne.

    Lauren London can explain all of this when her son want’s to know why him and his brother were born in the same year. 🙂

  18. Jeffrey Helix

    I asked someone what the risks were to fame and public recognition and strangely enough, this interview is what they sent me.

    Amazing how many people on here are already taking the interview out of context by saying she engaged in things at 15 that she never even mentioned. Not that I really know who this person is, but then again neither does anyone else who claims otherwise.

    My legacy will have nothing to do with showbiz, but this still makes me glad I do what I do behind a pen name and seven proxies.

    Oh, and thanks for the link Jenny. Even if it’s not that relevant to what we do. ;D

  19. sean

    Good interview! All negative comments driven by jealosy!



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